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Conducting festival investment promotion and business investment promotion are important forms of investment promotion and the most useful actions. We should take the establishment of the "Four Demonstrations" as the starting point, further base ourselves on reality, and seek breakthroughs in industrial chain extension, reinforcement, and strengthening. With a more pragmatic style, enthusiasm, and responsible attitude, we can ensure that investment projects can be attracted, implemented, and achieved results. We must adhere to one project, one dedicated team, and one focus to the end, fully implement service guarantee mechanisms such as "relieving difficulties and benefiting enterprises", promptly address difficulties and problems in project implementation, create a good environment for private enterprises, and focus on improving their development momentum. We should use signed projects as the driving force, seize the opportunity, increase efforts, and promote high-quality investment promotion to promote high-quality economic and social development.
Liu Baocheng said that he would take the signing of the conference as the key, with sincere services, pragmatic policies and strong guarantees, to create a first-class business environment, and to go all out to promote the construction of the signed projects to start ahead of schedule and achieve production and efficiency as soon as possible.
At the signing ceremony, under the joint witness of the attendees, Guo Hongguang, a member of the Standing Committee of the County Committee and Executive Deputy County Mayor of the Government, respectively signed the "CNOOC New Energy Construction Project" with CNOOC (China) Beijing New Energy Branch, and the "Xingfeng Lithium Battery Negative Electrode Material Extension and Supply Project" with Shanghai Putai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd We signed the Inner Mongolia Zhongneng Natural Gas Peak shaving Reserve Center Project with Inner Mongolia Zhongneng Natural Gas Co., Ltd., the Construction Project of Caijin Caizhi Agricultural Industrial Park with Dezhou Caijin Caizhi Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., the Supporting Construction Project of Kowloon Bay Tourist Attraction with Inner Mongolia Fangheng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., and the High end Helicopter Low altitude Sightseeing Travel Project with Inner Mongolia Xinhui Shengshi General aviation Co., Ltd We signed the Ultra Low Emission Renovation Project of Inner Mongolia Yidong Group Dongxing Chemical Co., Ltd. with Inner Mongolia Yidong Group Dongxing Chemical Co., Ltd. and the SCR Denitration Project of Inner Mongolia Yidong Jidong Cement Co., Ltd. with Inner Mongolia Yidong Group Jidong Cement Cement Co., Ltd.
It is understood that a total of 8 projects were signed this time, with a total investment of 3.31 billion yuan, including multiple fields such as new energy, chain extension and replenishment, intelligent agriculture, and travel. After the project is implemented, it will effectively radiate and drive the transformation and promotion of enterprises in the entire county, greatly enrich the modern industrial system of our county, promote the construction of ecological civilization, comprehensive revitalization of villages, and the integration of culture and tourism to a new level, providing strong industrial support for the efforts to build a "demonstration zone of ecological civilization that backs on Hubei, Tianjin, Hebei, and faces the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region".


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